White Papers by Compensation Resources, Inc.

  • Five Reasons to Hire a Compensation Consultant

    The question often arises as to whether to develop your pay programs in-house, or spend the money to hire a compensation consultant. Five significant reasons to consider engaging a compensation consulting firm are outlined in this white paper.
  • A Discussion of Executive Compensation in Not-for-Profits

    Over the last few years, there has been a virtual avalanche of media attention on the excesses of executive compensation. These "revelations" have occurred based on an examination of companies for which data is publicly available, and include large publicly-traded companies, as well as many NFP...
  • Keeping your Salary Administration Plan Current

    Salary Administration Programs are designed to provide competitive and equitable base pay to all employees, through the use of salary structures and formal policies and procedures. Though many companies develop salary structures informally, it is recommended having periodic benchmarking and...