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  • Content License - For Organizations By

    Order a Content License to Cultural Diversity at Work Archive and tap into this extraordinary source of 1,500 high-quality, how-to articles, tools and resources on diversity, inclusion and cultural differences. The Archive provides a ready supply of information for your managers, employees,... Read More
  • Candidate Informatoin Management By JobDiva, Inc.

    - Save Time with Automatic Resume Parsing and File Creation - Manage Candidate Relationships - Manage Candidate’s Calendar and Availability - Let JobDiva Guide Recruiters through Reference Gathering - Find Ideal Jobs, Forward Resumes, Measure Candidate’s Qualifications Against a Job,... Read More
  • Candidate Selection By Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS)

    MHS offers cutting edge instruments that help identify law enforcement, military and security candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and liabilities. Our assessments will provide insight into attitudes, behavior and beliefs of individuals that are applying for these highly-sensitive positions. Trust... Read More
  • Candidate Self Service By NuView Systems, Inc.

    Candidate Self-Service (CSS) allows job applicants to apply for job openings/open requisitions and build/submit their resume on-line, directly from your website. Applying to job openings on-line is now the recruiting norm. Today’s savvy job hunters apply to companies that let them easily apply... Read More
  • Candidate Sourcing By The Hiring Zone LLP

    When it comes to finding the right candidate it can be a tough, tedious, and time consuming process. Due to the economy there are hundreds of applicants for each job posting. This can be a very difficult task sorting through resumes of this magnitude. By utilizing our Candidate Sourcing... Read More
  • CandidateCare By Avesta Systems, Inc

    CandidateCare award-winning software streamlines your applicants from recruit to hire. Cloud-based, mobile-optimized application process is built to mirror your current workflow allowing your team to work together in real-time. Robust metric reporting, integrated background and drug screening,... Read More
  • Certified & Licensed Professionals Background Screening Package By Corra Group

    Recruitment Solution for Screening Professional Candidates Screen your professional workforce with our sample background check package; the Certified and Licensed Profession Package. We recommend screening any professional candidates with licensed or credentialed job requirements such as CPAs,... Read More
  • CheckPoint 360™ Degree Feedback System By The Assessment Company

    he CheckPoint 360°™ is a leadership assessment used primarily to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your managers and leaders. This survey compiles a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, and then creates a personalized program for developing specific leadership... Read More
  • Checkster - Interview Checkster By Checkster

    Checkster's Interview Checkster is an online tool that automates the interview debrief process by consolidating feedback given by interviewers concerning a candidate's performance and fit. Read More
  • Checkster - Reference Checkster By Checkster

    Checkster's automated reference checkster saves you an hour per job candidate and can complement or eliminate manual reference-check calls that rarely result in actionable insights for your hiring decision. Improve your quality of hire by avoiding 12% of bad hires. Improve your interviews and... Read More
  • Checkster- 360 Checkster By Checkster

    Checkster's 360 Checkup tool gives individuals quick, actionable feedback to help improve their work habits, skills and performance within the organization. Unlike traditional 360-degree feedback evaluations that are long, expensive and usually reserved for mangers and executives, this is a true... Read More
  • Communications Wizard By

    One of the major complaints of job seekers about Internet job searches is the lack of real communication between employers and job seekers, which causes them to feel as if they end up in a black hole. The Communications Wizard is designed to bridge that gap, by making communications with job... Read More
  • Compensation Consulting By Fox Lawson & Associates, a Division of GBS

    Compensation consulting can help today's businesses achieve corporate goals quickly and more efficiently by giving them the tools they need to attract and retain competent employees. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, over six million people are now employed in the field of... Read More
  • Compensation Consulting By Compensation Resources, Inc.

    CRI creates programs that are bold and imaginative, yet practical. Our experts are on top of the trends, yet based in sound practice. Our firm is large enough to get the job done quickly and effectively, and small enough to take a personal and professional interest in each aspect of your company... Read More
  • Compensation Management By Fox Lawson & Associates, a Division of GBS

    Compensation management is something every company must think about from time to time. The field of business is constantly changing, and what worked yesterday may not always be the right solution today, especially when it comes to compensating employees. The cost of living continually goes up... Read More
  • Compensation Management By NuView Systems, Inc.

    Compensation Management is an advanced salary planning, incentive and stock-planning tool, enabling Managers and Human Resource departments to streamline the focal review process. Besides supporting multiple budget allocation methods, suitable for a wide range of industries, it eliminates... Read More
  • Compensation Packages By Fox Lawson & Associates, a Division of GBS

    Compensation packages are like the carrot in front of the horse when it comes to attracting quality employees. Even a small difference in compensation packages can lead an applicant to accept a position at a competing company. Salary is very important in this matter, but so are non-monetary... Read More
  • Compensation Plans By Fox Lawson & Associates, a Division of GBS

    If your business is looking for innovative means to attract and maintain quality employees on your payroll, then look no further than Fox Lawson & Associates, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. It is a fair assumption that high caliber employees are vitally important to the success... Read More
  • Compliance / Quality Assurance / Claim Auditing / Premium Auditing By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers compliance and quality assurance support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk business. Our RiskPro products and services include: Risk Reviews and Solutions including Sarbanes... Read More
  • Content License - For Groups By

    Order a Content License to the Cultural Diversity at Work Archive for you and your team for up to 15 people. This is an extraordinary deal! Why? To have a reliable source of information about diversity, inclusion, and cultural differences and how they impact organizations. Knowing you and... Read More
  • Content License - For Individuals By

    Order a Content License for yourself -- as an individual committed to the values and practices of diversity and inclusion in your organization or as a consultant to support other organizations in their change initiatives. Tap into this extraordinary database of 1,500 high-quality, how-to... Read More
  • Contingent Labor By SumTotal

    More and more organizations are relying on contingent labor as a viable staffing alternative to ensure that business goals and revenue targets continue to be met. SumTotal provides your organization with the staffing tools needed to effectively leverage the right combination of traditional and... Read More
  • Corporate Outplacement By SCC-Stamford

    All outplacement firms are not the same. Rather than accept the outplacement service given to you, we can help you determine if it's possible to transfer to the firm best geared to work aggressively and pro-actively with high-tier executives: SCC. Choosing SCC to handle your corporate... Read More
  • County Court Criminal Search By Universal Background Screening

    The cornerstone of a thorough criminal background check is a search for felonies and misdemeanors at the local County Court House. Utilizing our nationwide research network, Universal Background Screening has access to court records in over 3,000 county court jurisdictions throughout the United... Read More
  • Culture Management System By Tacticware Resource Group LLC

    Our Culture Management System provides a structured approach to cultural improvement. Customized to your business, our system provides assessments, strategy, and training. Then we follow through with performance audits to ensure success. “Organizational Culture is a system of shared values,... Read More
  • Customized Sales Training Solutions By Richardson

    For over 30 years, Richardson has been working with leading global companies to help execute sales strategy and improve sales performance. In 2012, We trained over 75,000 professionals We created over 600 new customized programs We interviewed over 1000 senior executives We surveyed over... Read More
  • Cyber Recruiter By Solutions Technology & Software

    Does your current method of applicant tracking, application and resume processing leave a lot to be desired? Would you like a tailored solution that can import resumes from major employment posting services as well as your own corporate website? Would you like the flexibility of either... Read More
  • CyberCoders By On Assignment, Inc.

    Founded in 1999, CyberCoders believes in the passionate pursuit of the right candidate for the right job and recruits professionals for all types of jobs including engineering, technology, sales, executive, financial, accounting, and scientific, legal and operational positions across all... Read More