Products in the Human Resources Marketplace

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  • JaviaVIP™ Auto-delivery By Javia

    We’ve created a program that enables you to: • Set the frequency at which you receive each product • Receive everything you need for your home and office refreshment - from coffee and drinks to creamers, sugars, snacks and more… ”Set it and forget it” You never have to worry... Read More
  • jcp Gift Card By jcpenney Incentive Sales

    With so much to love about JCPenney, a gift card from the popular retail giant is the perfect choice for incentive rewards, employee recognition, promotional marketing or business gifts. Gift Cards provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience and are redeemable at over 1,100 store... Read More
  • Job Description Manager By

    Build and store templates of your job postings, making the task of posting an active opening extremely efficient. Simply duplicate any of your templates, make the appropriate edits for the specific opening, and activate. If you have multiple users on your account, each can have access to all... Read More
  • Job Placement Optimization By Cangrade

    When a candidate or current employee completes our pre-hire assessment, predictive models for a variety of positions can be computed simultaneously. This allows us immediately identify not only whether he or she is likely to succeed, but which specific positions are most likely to yield success. Read More
  • Job Posting By The Hiring Zone LLP

    Jobs are distributed through a network of 10,000 partner sites reaching millions of candidates which include sites such as linkedin, facebook, myspace, CNN Money, Business Week, etc. Post your job in seconds. Just fill out the form, submit the criteria for the job description and... Read More