New Training on Sexual Harassment Prevention in New York

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NOVI, Mich., Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The state of New York and New York City offer additional protections, beyond those provided in federal law, to employees when it comes to preventing sexual harassment. To help employers ensure they are compliant with state and federal laws, Mastery Training Services has released two new titles on sexual harassment prevention in New York.

The two new video-based courses include, "Sexual Harassment Prevention In New York," and "Sexual Harassment Prevention In New York For Managers."

According to recently updated regulations, all employees in the state of New York must be trained on sexual harassment prevention by October 9, 2019. From that point on, all employees must be trained annually. These courses have been designed to cover the laws and the material suggested in New York's model training program and can be used to comply with the training portion of the law.

These online training courses demonstrate what behaviors constitute sexual harassment, how to prevent sexual harassment, what to do to protect oneself, and what to do if you witness someone else being harassed. Managers are given specific instructions on their role in prevention and how to handle sexual harassment incidents if they occur.

Sexual harassment is damaging to the victims, witnesses and organizations involved. It is critical employers provide training so all individuals can do their part in preventing such toxic behavior from spreading throughout an organization.

Both training courses include English and Spanish language options. These sexual harassment prevention training courses are available in Mastery Training Services' library of over 1,000 online training courses. All of Mastery Training Services' VOD courses are published on the MasteryTCNâ„¢ courseware platform, which provides continuity in the learner experience from one course to the next. All courses on the platform play across all devices and browsers, giving users the ultimate flexibility for when and where they can access training assignments.

Mastery Training Services' library covers a variety of topics for organizations of all sizes, across industries. If you are looking to train your workforce, click here.

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